Hi there. That's me 👆, Judy. I am a product designer who believes in constantly learning and improving. My passion lies in creating useful and enjoyable experiences to help people make their lives simpler.


Always learning and serving others

Before embarking on a career in Product Design, I was a program specialist at Service Canada where I proudly served Canadians. Although not a traditionally creative position, I discovered my interest in design there while volunteering on the social committee creating event posters. From there I made the most significant pivot in my career to pursue design. Since then, I have discovered user experience design as a way to combine my passion for helping others while being creative.

Since entering design, I have constantly strive to be better at my craft. From keeping up-do-date with the latest design principles to collaborating with talented professionals, I turn any moment into a learning opportunity. I welcome feedback to improve as a designer so that I can create for others.


Outside nine-to-five.

When I’m not designing for digital products, I enjoy creating personalized wedding favours and other print projects. I also like to take my creativity offline by learning about the world of visible mending and darning to exercise other parts of my creativity.  

Design aside, I love to spend time with my family, traveling and hiking, while capturing the ordinary moments. During the warmer months in Toronto, you can catch me munching on ‘small eats’ or heading to a street festival.



Current personal challenge

🧘🏻‍♀️ Exploring the benefits of breathing exercises and soundscapes

Right now I'm watching

📺 All of Us are Dead, Pachinko, and anything involving a baking competition

Favourite foods 

🍜 Soup noodles, Fried chicken, Sushi pizza

Let's work together.

My goal is to always refine my craft and continue to grow as a designer. I love collaborating and welcome new opportunities to tackle interesting problems. So if you need a hand with your project or just someone to chat with about design, technology, or anything typography – get in touch 🙌

This website is typeset in Mulish and Shrikhand.

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